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Hire the world’s most influential publishers to get your message out

Nothing is more powerful and authentic than native sponsored posts from influential publishers that people follow and listen to. People no longer respond to banner ads and tracking technology is increasingly scrutinized and blocked. Sponsored posts are something the publishing industry has successfully used for decades in print magazines and TokenTalk is introducing technology to enable it in the new world of publishing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Youtube , Blogs and more.

Request a Sponsored Post in Minutes

It’s never been easier and safer to request a sponsored post from influential publishers around the world.

  • We handle the contract. When you make a request, a contract is automatically generated outlining the fundamentals of the agreement which both parties can refer to, should there be a dispute.
  • Payment is seamless and secure. We use Stripe for our payment technology which is the same payment sytem used by Kickstarter, Lyft, The Guardian, Opentable, Twitter and more.
  • Communicate with ease thanks to our state of the art messaging technology that allows you to message each other in seconds.
  • We notify you when sponsored posts are supposed to go live, helping you keep track of upcoming jobs. Our aim is to make the whole experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

How to Request a Sponsored Post and Best Practices

  • Find one or more profiles you’re interested in requesting a sponsored post from by searching with categories, keywords and other filters such as the amount of followers they have.
  • Request a sponsored post from the search page by clicking the ‘Request’ button under the user’s name. You can also do multiple request by ticking the boxes of the profiles you want to request a sponsored post from and click on the ‘Sponsored post’ dropdown to select which type of sponsored post you’d like to do.
  • Request a sponsored Vine video from a profile page by clicking on the ‘Request’ button under the user’s profile picture. You’ll need to stipulate what type of sponsored post by clicking onInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Youtube , Pinterest
  • Publishers outline their minimum sponsored Vine fee which clients have to bid on or above. Each fee is dependent on the sponsored post type. It’s up to the publisher to calculate what they think each sponsored post type is worth.
  • Both parties can accept or decline a sponsored post request after it has been submitted. The job won’t be live until both parties have accepted and confirmed that the job should go live.
  • The contract will be binding for both parties and should any disputes arise, someone from TokenTalk team will help mediate and find a solution.

Four Tips to Get a Great Response From Your Reqested Sponsored Post

  • 1Bid higher than their minimum rate they’ve stipulated. It’s a great way to get their attention and will help compete better with other bidders.
  • 2Be very clear in the description of the campaign. You can do this by keeping the requirements simple and short. Any ambiguity could lead to publishers ignoring you.
  • 3Communicate often with the publisher to make sure you’re both always up-to-date with requirements and expectations.
  • 4Provide high quality assets, such as pictures, videos, text and more to ensure it’s up to the standards you expect and you get the message you’d like distributed.

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Why use TokenTalk?

  • Free to search & request

    It’s free to search, message and request sponsored posts from publishers. You only pay when both parties accept a request.

  • Free to have a profile

    It’s completely free to have a profile on TokenTalk. We take a 10% cut of every sponsored post both parties accept but that’s it.

  • Intuitive design

    We’ve made our interface as simple as possible to use. We obsess over usability and also listen & learn from our community.

  • Free to search & request

    It takes minutes to set up a profile on TokenTalk or request a sponsored post. We’ve made it easy to get started, learn & use.

  • Trustworthy

    We use the same technologies as Kickstarter, Lyft, Opentable and more to make sure your account and payment details are completely secure.

  • Expands with your needs

    Need a dedicated account manager? We’re more than happy to help businesses whether your a one or ten thousand person team.

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