How to be a publisher on TokenTalk

Get unlimited exposure and opportunities with relevant brands

The publishing world has changed dramatically over the last two decades.

No longer is it limited to persons working for a large print magazine or television network. Technology has enabled anyone to become a publisher with powerful new tools like Youtube, Wordpress and Instagram.

We strongly believe that this new breed of publisher should be compenstated for their hard, professional work.

With TokenTalk, you can finally be rewarded for your hard work. Brands and other relevant people can get in touch with you to request a sponsored post or even a news tip.

You can read more about what a sponsored post is here.

All new profiles are reviewed by TokenTalk team. It can take up to 72 hours for a profile to be reviewed.

It is accepted or declined based on relevancy and quality.

Fulfil a Sponsored Post Request with Ease and Peace of Mind

It’s never been easier or safer to fulfil a sponsored post request.

  • We generate the contracts automatically based on the requirements outlined by the client. This is what you can refer to if there are any disagreements or ambiguity.
  • Payment is seamless and secure with Stripe which is the payment technology used by Kickstarter, Lyft, The Guardian, Opentable, Twitter and more.
  • If there are any problems or misunderstandings, we’re always on hand to help mediate any disputes. We hold the funds until both parties are happy.

Tips to Get Sponsored Post Requests

  • 1Make sure you update your minimum fees for each sponsored post type. This is likely to be the main criteria any potential client will review when requesting a sponsored post.
  • 2Your profile should be detailed & up to date to make sure potential clients understand whether you’re relevant.
  • 3Communication needs to be frequent and professional, otherwise potential clients could lose interest or faith in your ability to execute on their requests.

Why use TokenTalk?

  • Free to have a profile

    It’s completely free to have a profile on TokenTalk. We take a 10% cut of every sponsored post both parties accept but that’s it.

  • It’s exclusive

    If you’re accepted on The Publishers, you can rest assured that you’re amongst the best in the industry.

  • Trustworthy

    We use the same technologies as Kickstarter, Lyft, Opentable and more to make sure your account and payment details are completely secure.

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Create your Publisher profile now